The Youngstown Mirror and Glass Company

  • Address: 3991 Hendricks Road


Three Generation Strong, Family-Based Business

Over 100 Years in the Glass Business

Established in 1918 The Youngstown Mirror and Glass Co is the areas premier Residential and Commercial Glass company. We provide excellent sales assistance, expert home glass repair as well as commercial glass door services. Whether you need glass replaced in your Anderson windows, Commercial window replacement, store window repair, patio furniture, coffee table, dinning table, furniture tops, modern furniture, or maybe you want protect a existing stained glass panel by insulating it we can do it. 
Our original location was on the 600 block of Market Street Youngstown Ohio, we have since moved two more times as we grew out of inventory and working space. We have been located at the Henricks Road address since 1987, we have a 12,000 sq ft warehouse full of stock sheets of glass ranging from as small as 8 x 10" up to 130" x 144" in various thickness, colors and types of glass. We also house approx 3,000 sq ft of commercial hardware and various other glass and glazing products.